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chiniquy collection

For one hundred years this personal collection of Charles Chiniquy was in the possession of family members and was not available for public viewing or for research. 

It is now available in a 23 CD set, with over 10,000 full colour (jpeg) images.

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A free catalogue of the chiniquy  archive is now available in a fully-searchable .pdf format.  

chiniquy's umbrella Due to the scarcity of materials and the dispersed nature of archives many questions still remain to be answered about this famous and controversial Canadian.

In March of 1999 negotiations were completed for the acquisition of this substantial collection of personal letters, photographs, documents, books, news clippings, artifacts etc. My objective was to preserve, catalogue and make copies available to all who share an interest in this great man of the nineteenth century.

THE CHINIQUY COLLECTION is the private and personal endeavor of an unabashed Chiniquy enthusiast . In the past three years I have completed the scanning of the archive into a computer and saving the material on CD’s. It is now available in a twenty-three CD set, with over 10,000 full colour (jpeg) images.

It is my desire that as people learn more about the person Charles Chiniquy that they will also come to know the Lord whom he risked his life to serve, and the gospel (“good news”) that he traveled the world to share.

As the Chiniquy Collection passed from one generation to the next, there have been gains as well as losses. As an example of gains...Charles Chiniquy collected newspapers. There are some that have his address label still attached. J. L. Morin his son-in-law also collected them and these carry on into the 1900’s, thus the original ownership of some of the items remains obscure.

As to losses we must remember that the bulk of his collection was destroyed by fire when his house burned in 1893. Over the years other pieces have been dispersed and lost, and thus there remains this tantalizing evidence of the eventful life of Charles Paschal Telėsphore Chiniquy.